About "One Sheet mask pack a day"


Home care is emerging as the trend these days.

These days in Korea, I am very interested in the beauty tips of actresses who are considered beautiful over time. It has become a new fashion beauty method in South Korea as they are found to be taking care of their skin with a sheet mask once a day for healthy and clean skin.

It was really good news for women who thought they should manage. Because they had the time and financial burden to invest in formal skin care. The reason why men and women of all ages like it is probably because they can save time and money to go to dermatology. And it becomes a bigger issue because it is easy to manage at home and convenient.  But few manage sheet masks in the right way.

Do you know how to use the mask pack correctly?


mask2 In general, many people think that sheet masks can end up simply sticking to their faces and removing them.

"Oh! Yeah, I put it on! It's a little cold, but it's okay! My skin will get better!"
"Wow! I'm going to get rid of this mask pack now! Oh! I feel like my skin has improved so much! I love this."

More people than expected are wearing sheet masks in the wrong way. Unfortunately, sheet masks that you know and don't use properly can make your skin tired. It doesn't help your skin at all.

How to use mask packs correctly(click♥) 


Since it is used as a "extremely close" product to the skin after washing the face, it can be effective or poor depending on how it is used. If you don't know the correct method, you should stop applying and removing it in anticipation of skin improvement.

Dr. Jisoo's smart way to use a sheet mask today. Your skin has the right to proper treatment.



Why is the normal mask pack time set at 10-20 minutes?

You often misconfirm that it would be better if you put it on for a long time. Basically, the mask pack is a beauty product that soaks a high concentration serum on the sheet and supplies moisture and nutrients to the skin at the same time. Is it because the highly concentrated essence is stored? Some say that the essences stored by the pack are packed on their faces for a long time until they are all dry. This is a typical example of using packs in the wrong way.

Generally, the recommended use time for mask packs is 10 to 20 minutes. It's written in a container. This is because if you wear a mask pack for a long time, the sheet will take away the moisture from your skin. Sleeping with a mask pack is the easiest shortcut to dry skin, especially when it comes to skin beauty.


mask4 "However, usually wearing a mask pack for 10 to 20 minutes won't absorb the essence 100%. There's still a lot of essence left, so I'm not gonna throw it away!”

Someone asks us a question. After 20 minutes, the mask pack still has a lots of essence, so it is too much to throw away. Dr. Jisoo recommends that you use it for your body if you feel that the rest of your essence is worth it. Her philosophy is that your body should be treated as mild and precious as your face skin.

But why do you must use a mask pack just for 10 to 20 minutes? The easiest way to explain is that if you pour water on dry soil, it doesn't absorb 100 percent. Water that is not deeply absorbed in the roots overflows outside or sticks to the roots to rot the roots. Similarly, it may be natural that skin can’t absorb 100 percent of the mask sheet's highly enriched nutrients essence on the skin.



Tighten your pores! Should packs be stored in the refrigerator?



Generally, packs or basic products are thought to be kept cold to keep the pores of the skin tight.

 I also keep my sheet mask pack in the fridge before joining Dr.Ji-soo's team. Judging by folk remedies, the cold use of mask packs seemed to allow tightening of sagging pores.

 Targeting the needs of such people, some companies have launched beauty cosmetics refrigerators that can keep cosmetics cold.




Where do you keep your precious mask pack?

The most important part of storing mask packs is whether or not the essence is degraded. This is because the mask pack itself is made to moisten the sheet with enough essence. Today's honey tips!( Oops! The best know-how in Korea is called honey tips!) The optimal temperature for storing sheet mask packs is 12-15 ̊C. If the temperature reaches 15-20 ̊C, the essence may deteriorate. On the other hand, if stored at a low temperature of 2-5 ̊C, the oil and moisture of the essence may be separated. Basically, the temperature in the fridge is 2-3 ̊C, which is a very cold storage area.

However, a sleek gel-type sheet, such as a biocellulose or hydrogel sheet, can improve cooling when refrigerated.

If you choose a different storage location depending on the type of sheet that makes up the mask pack, you will be more effective than today.




Yesterday, whitening.

Today, moisture.

Tomorrow, is the anti-oxidant pack managed differently every day?


People are often misunderstand that my skin will be in the best condition someday if I use only the mask packs that I need every day. The reason why home care is possible in this way is because mask packs come with a variety of features tailored to some of the most representative skin complaints.

Because it's cheaper than dermatology and has a lot of choice, I'm sure many of you are greedy about home care and changing your function every day to wear a mask pack. In conclusion, it's using the mask pack in the wrong way.

In conclusion, it's using the mask pack in the wrong way.



 A person's skin has an average of 28 days of #turn-over cycles.

In order to achieve the right effect of a single pack, it takes at least 28 days of constant use of the same line of products.
If you overlook it and change and use it every day, our skin will not get better, but it will get tired. Please don't forget!


The effect of one pack per day, which is clearly different with one detail!

mask9One pack per day is popular for cheaper skin care than dermatology!

It looks very simple, but actually one particular difference can make it into a poison rather than the effect you've been looking forward to. So I don't want to recommend an unconditional Daily Pack to you. Let's talk about the differences in "details."

The mask pack, which is easily seen on the market, has a variety of effects and ingredients. However, highly-enriched functional packs such as whitening products that make the skin bright and white, and elastic care that is effective for wrinkles, are advised not to be used as daily care packs.

Daily use of high-enriched ampoule or products with essence can cause skin trouble. In particular, one pack of sensitive skin types can cause deep irritation to the skin.



The daily mask pack recommended by Dr. Jisoo consists of mild ingredients, and I would like to recommend products that have moisturizing or calming effects over other functional products.

For example, Dr. Jisoo's British Rose Hydrating Mask Pack or Tea Tree Soothing Mask Pack. Or products that focus on moisturizing effects and skin calming effects, such as the one a day Moisture sheet mask pack of HelloGanic, recommend a soft method without irritation.

However, the moisturizing sheet mask pack can also cause contact dermatitis or itching depending on skin condition or allergic reaction, so please check carefully and select the mask pack if it fits correctly!



There is an old saying that too much is worse than lack. It's definitely necessary to try many things for beautiful skin. However, be careful not to overfeed your skin with excessive greed. That way you can get brighter and more pleasant skin care without any problems.

I support you who will be more beautiful tomorrow than today. ♥