"Rabbits NEVER want to wear mascara."




The story to be started is really cruel.
As I think, People who can read, both elderly, pregnant, and children, but who are hard to tolerate disgusting stories, recommend that you refrain from reading.
We begin to talk about the “human brutality” that must disappear someday.


Think about the products you use every morning, every time you prepare for the day.


Foam cleanser, shaving cream, shampoo, hair treatment, essence, skin, lotion, mascara, etc.


The products that make you look perfect are distributed on the market after passing any tests designed to determine whether they are harmful or harmless to humans. One of them is a biopsy using animals.


Please close your eyes and imagine the scene.



Now, You're stuck in a small box that's so tight that you can't move your neck. Someone has forced your tear glands to break down so that they won't shed tears that help them escape naturally. You have to keep your eyes open, unable to even blink.

Every few hours in this stuffy, scary space, you're being tested for injecting unknown drugs into your eyes. No one asked you for consent before starting the experiment. This is assumed to be a sudden ordeal. Next to you is a family or friend who is in the same situation with you.

 People trapped in boxes are injected with chemicals that are unknown every few hours. it's causing them terrible pain as if it were burning

Some people struggle with burning pain. In severe cases, the neck bones are broken and killed.

What will happen to your fate, provided you have endured three days of terrible experimentation that like was war? Unfortunately, there is no respect like a war veteran. Eventually, survivors of the experiment are euthanized after only the eyeballs are removed to examine their reactions to the drug.



It's seems to a horrible and cruel image of a horror movie. Some people may think that it is unrealistic and inhumane. But it's a method of experimentation that's done somewhere in the world right now. I have just changed the word, but the genre has changed from a experiment to a scene of a terrible horror movie.



I hope no one is relieved that rabbits, not humans, are being tested.There must be animals somewhere in the world crying for human satisfaction. It would be the existing hell itself, and it was us that made their hell. It's humans. 

Someone said ‘Man is the lord of all creation’. Are you really sure of this definition?

If humans are the lords of all life in the world, ethical understanding and consideration of them is essential.

A true Lord does not abuse his property emotionally or physically, and is highly regarded by true communication with them. However, humans today lack virtues as lords of all things. At this rate, man is just a regent who mistook himself as a king. Or it could be a senseless tyrant who has fallen into narcissism without knowing that he is self-destructing.



If man is to be recognized as the lord of all things, he must realize that the world is not just for man.

In fact, it is ridiculous to think that humans must be masters of the world.

Why do people think only humans deserve to be masters of the world?While writing about the contents of a cruel animal experiment, I thought that if I had not been born as a human, I would have felt unfair. 

If you are an intellectual who loves your own life and lives in this age, you need to try to think so, even though your thoughts are different from ours.





I hope that escape the old-fashioned idea of strong controlling and suppressing the weak As soon as possible. To put it mildly, humans are infinitely weak in the presence of Mother Nature.

 That’s the reason, Animals are not possessed by humans. Humans and animals are colleagues and friends who live together in contemporary life.

There will be no turning back on the human atrocities that have already been perpetrated countless times. However, if humans realize the problems of human history as part of the world and act, the world will change in a better direction.

So Huangjisoo Brand agree with the Vegan policy, and promises not to conduct brutal animal testing.

 Already in the world, efforts are beginning to ban cruel experiments on animals.

While alternative methods are proposed, but there are still companies that secretly conduct animal experiments. Because they in the face of cost constraints. Even in the long run, alternative methods of animal testing are effective in reducing costs. But they blinded by the immediate profits.



There is a surefire way to stop indiscriminate and cruel experiments.
Laws? Regulations? No, those things certainly don't eradicate all this.
The surest way is not to consume products that are born that way.
There's no more solid solution than this.
That's right. Consumers are the hope of eradicating animal testing.
 If you don't start a vegan, it'll be a gun someday
Rabbits didn’t want to wear mascara.
Never and ever