[Interview] Paris Yesonseong Ku, an animal care travel agency in Australia, 'Lux Travel'


I would like to introduce you to a lovely woman I know today.

When I first got to know her. I didn't have any knowledge of her. She was like the older sister next door who gave a lot of advice in life, and sometimes an animal protector who tries to protect the rights of marginalized animals. Or it looked like someone in an a conservationist

 In fact, her main job is running a small travel agency (especially a Bali travel specialist) in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.

She looked like a hero to me in the past. So I decided When I'm her age later, I wanted to live with passion like her.

She enjoys her own life like a hippie. Koreans living in Australia call her 'Australian General.' I asked her for some interviews.


   Please introduce you to our subscribers simply.




My name is Paris Yesonseong Ku, an animal care travel agency in Australia, 'Lux Travel', and the most honest studying abroad agency in the world, 'Good Australian Study abroad'

We are working as a founder of 'AFTO - Animal Free Travel Organization', which enlightens and promotes animal-related product products to suppliers, not general consumers.




   Please tell me your history (The moment you could say you made your self now, The case, the reason you live in Australia)

I didn’t graduate from high school because I hated that boring, meaningless time, because I dropped out of first grade and got my high school diploma at the age of 17 on the GED that year.

I was able to save 3 years more than others, so I spent a lot of time with books, games, clubs and so on. All series, including Lee Woo-il's "303 Days of honeymoon" and Lee Young-do's "Dragon Raja" are books that made me realize my dream of a ridiculous trip.

I read this book until it was old and I loved it enough to present it to every good person I met. Until then, travel was uncommon for the general public.

That's why these books are the books that made me decide to live my life by traveling. And my father died, and I had to make money for my family.

Since I was 20 years old, I worked for 'OEC Tour, a VIP travel agency for corporate training,' and I learned the most perfect work skill from the best president Yoon Yoo-seop.

Many people say that the power of predecessor is a measure of how I will work in the future.My predecessor managed to fine-tune the grip of the golf club, depending on whether the guest was left-handed or right-handed.

Not only that, but also a perfectionist who even considered the peanuts of a side dish. I learned from him with body and mind to prepare for a trip for a true guest, not a package trip.


Do you know the broadcasts of the popular 'Travel with Famous People' concept in Korea?

That's what I've already tried 17 years ago when SNS was not active. I’m not a celebrity, but I gathered people who wanted to go backpacking at the time but were not brave enough to leave.

Then I had to travel together about 10 times a year. With more than 20 times of 'Elfa Tour', I was able to save capital that would be the basis for start-up.


After that, my meticulous work style was noticed by one of the presidents of the Samsung family, and I was able to work as a team leader for VIP professional travel agencies. I think I have experienced all the tastes of really difficult travelers at that time. There was a time when I was in a hurry to pick up a guest in the first class of the plane I was about to leave. My guests always had busy schedules, so things were always urgent.

It's been about 10 years since I've done all those hard things. Even though I was in my 20s, I was able to set up my own little house in the middle of Seoul where I could rest my soul. I was so proud of myself, but at the same time I was so tired. Tired of overtime, I, 27, came to Australia before all my brilliant twenties passed by.

The last ten years have been fiercest than anyone. I may have wanted to reward those ten years. The first plan was to come to Australia for a year's recovery, but life in Australia has been continued for 10 years. Now I am also a travel agent here in Australia.


When I'm in business, of course, most of you work hard, but students who are affected by the wrong way of doing business at some of the academies everywhere come to some companies to tell me about their damage.



As I helped the students with their sad stories, they got bigger and bigger.

incredibly, my agency has got the nickname 'Good Australian Study abroad', which was founded at the request of the students.

We are not experts in everything, but at least we are not irresponsible enough not to care anymore when after student register.

Whether a student graduates or obtains permanent residency in Australia after graduation, or go back to Korea. We try to maintain a steady relationship with our students and to communicate constantly. Our biggest pride is the students who bring their friends in the introduction and the hundreds of reviews they've written with sincerity. These are priceless



   You are a passionate person. I wonder what your energy source is. And how do you relieve stress?

I spent my twenties too hard. I needed my house intact because my mother was alone. So somehow I gritted my teeth to make a house where I could spend my old age with my family.

I worked two job or three jobs until dawn, and on weekends when I didn't go to work, I packed my suitcase at the airport and went on a business trip every time.

Other people remember their youth beautifully. But in my 20s, I still remember being sad and hard enough not to want to go back.


The feeling of being able to do things now that I haven't done then always buffs my energy.
Now I can go on a trip for me whenever I want.
Now I can study what I want without worrying about money,
My thirties, now able to place an order at a restaurant without looking at the price list.
My 30s are precious every minute of every day. I don't like noisy relationships, so I like to meditate except during working hours in quiet places.
In meditation, my body keeps trying to move around without me knowing it, but I'm try to relaxing. And it may sound funny, but I still love online games.

   What do you think about animal experiments?

 I think it's a kind of immunity for future liabilities of cosmetics and pharmaceutical companies. It's been a long time since we conducted the animal experiment. It's been around since the 4th century B.C., but it's been killing more and more lives in modern times, and 200 million animals are killed every year.

How much more research do we need? Isn't this advanced technology and hypothesis testing enough?

lux6Every year, 200 million animals are killed, and there are sad lives that are not caught in research. To be honest, we can live without such products.Maybe the laws that say that a product can be licensed only with a designated case of a simple cosmetic product, rather than a complicated hypothesis, are based on a single-use tissue-picking act. And when you get into trouble, you're going to say irresponsibly, "We've done a lot of animal testing, but we haven't found a problem."

It's a sinical story, but I think it's more ethical to do a self-assessment and self-assisted human experiment than animals that are kidnapped and tested in a state of their own accord.

The arrogance that man is above all things will always come back to us.  Animal experiments, such as medicine and cosmetics, are still in dispute, but I think alternative experiments should be introduced.


   Is there a way to protect the environment and protect the animal rights you're plan?

Animal rights movements start with the same basic idea of animal protection, but in a slightly different sense, animals should be given the same right to life and respect as humans. If treating injured animals and rescuing abused animals is animal protection, then the animal rights movement should not allow them to be exposed to the environment in the first place on a broader scale.

That is, the slaughter of livestock following repeated foot-and-mouth disease, the controversy over dog meat food in South Korea, and Blood Sports (no dog , chicken, cattle fighting, etc.)

I am constantly informing people of cruel business practices such as animal cafes, eco-experience centers, mini zoos, etc., where animals are not equipped with natural environments, so that advertisements that encourage people to give up their methods and participate are not seen.

 Also, some of our profits are donated to animal rights groups, other small groups, and personal carers.


   People, environments, animals. What do you think about the relationship between these three categories?

It's a movie story, but I think the Earth has too many people. If you think of a planet suffering from environmental degradation with trash, what was the movie about? The King's man, whose head burst into flames, which prompted the population decline. Yes, like the lines in that movie, if the population increases this way, we'll all die together in the end.

The low birthrate problem and the law on birth control are also the positions of a personal country, and there are 220,000 new children born on this planet every day. Overpopulation. I believe all of this is the starting point for environmental problems and animals to lose ground in nature. The birth of one child, no one is going to go out and talk about it, but I want everyone to think about the problem of this population explosion.


   Like Huang Ji-soo cosmetics(and Helloganic Brand), we make products based on natural ingredients, and there are cosmetic products against indiscriminate animal experiments. These products may feel less effective than those on the market. Tell me your views on natural cosmetics.

I don't follow the word natural cosmetics very well.
There's no 100 percent natural.
The human body can be separated by a chemical symbol.

Just want to have a line that uses only what you need. We don't need tens of lines of basic cosmetics.


   Thank you for your positive response to the interview. Is there anything you want to say last?

Did I tell you earlier about my father's death? One or two months before my father died, he gave me a little puppy retriever as a present. My mother and I, who were seized with all our assets upon my father's death, took up the site in a small attic located below the stairs.

We couldn't keep the growing retriever. It was so hard to work until dawn that he couldn't even provide food just in time for him, let alone for a walk. Eventually I had to adopt retriever to a rural village, and turned away from him living in a really messy environment. I can't imagine how hard and painful my little retriever must have been.

I woke up in my sleep and felt a sense of regret every nights. This trauma of regret has made me an animal rights activist like this.


I believe that everyone in the world has had one or two of these experiences, and is seeing them with their eyes and feeling them with their hearts.

If you have a suffering animal around you, please give it a helping hand first. Please don't turn your face away.

It's enough not to ask for help, rescue, participate in animal experiences, or go to an aquarium with kidnapped mammals away from their mothers.

I still don't know well who is she.

One day, she buys a lot of ingredients and enjoys inviting neighbors over for a chat. Often she becomes a poet who recites the loveliness of her dog.

Sometimes she gets angry on behalf of people who have been treated unfairly.

She is an imposing female general, but she is also a loving wife to her husband.

She is busy every day between coolness and passion.

Like the light of a diamond that varies from angle to look, she has the talent to shine on herself wherever she is. 

The reason why I planned this interview is simple. Because I believe that the world she dreams of will have a beautiful scene, and it will be filled with a very sweet smell.