Pure perfect cleansing oil 180ml

:: Best Makeup Remover ::

About the product
CLEAN BEAUTY - 96% Vegetable Ingredients (Organic Ingredients with NO chemical preservatives)
OUR PROMISE TO YOU - EWG Verified, Vegan, Cruelty Free, Dermatologically Tested - Ideal for all those who like their products "clean" + "sustainable" (+"stylish")
#1 TOP SELLING IN SEOUL, KOREA - Made in South Korea with premium quality
Key Ingredients: Jojoba Oil, Green Tea seed Oil, Bitter Orange Leaf Oil, Macadamia Nut Oil, Carendula Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, Evening Promise Oil, Olive Oil

Pure Perfect Cleansing Oil has received EWG Verified Certification through rigorous screening.

This is a step-by-step safety verification procedure for the EWG Skin Deep rating.

  • The 8 different premium organic oils do not contain water and provides the best cleansing experience. High quality ingredients deeply penetrates the skin barriers to provide nourishments. After cleansing the face, it does not leave a oily residue, but provides intense moisturization. Both sensitive and oily skin can use this product.
  • We believe cleansing is the most important step kin skincare. Thus, we have created five different customized cleaners that can be used effectively.

Are you worried about Black head or Excessive sebum?

Pure perfect cleansing oil consists of 0% water, 98 % vegetable oils and does not irritate the skin. It contains natural oils of skin protection effect, helps to make gentle cleansing without stimulating even the deep make-up. It helps remove not only make-up but also sebum and arrange dead skin cells.

Why huangjisoo?

1. Purified Water 0%, 100% Plant based oil’s moisturization 

2. Non-comedogenic formula :  Feather-like fresh finish , Oily skin can safely use 

3. Intense emulsifying power: Laziness NO, Quick and Simple Cleansing 

4. Derma test finished :  Hyper low-irritation formula, Safe for sensitive skin 

5. 99.5% Natural, Organic Ingredients Used

Key Ingredients 

1. JOJOBA OIL : Protects the skin from harmful wastes and helps to make the skin look smooth and vibrant.

2. APRICOT SEED OIL : Helps remove dead skin cells, sebum, and black heads, and provides a brightening effect on the skin.

3. EVENING PRIMROSE OIL : Forms a natural moisturizing layer and provides glossy, luxurious skin

Ideal for

- A person who wants to feel the skin-care effect at the same time as cleansing 

- A person who wants perfect cleansing without irritation 

- A person who does not like stickiness oil 

- A person who worried about skin that always dry after cleansing 

- A person who wants to manage blackhead and keratinic care at once 

- A person who wants to cleanse with one product without double cleansing 

- A person who has skin sensitive to harmful substances