Huangjisoo’s philosophy in developing products is to emphasize the co-existence of humans and the nature.
Natural ingredients and innovative technology is what we use to create various skincare lines
that embraces a wide range of consumers. Whether they have sensitive skin or is very picky with their needs,
huangjisoo always tries to provide the most satisfying experience for all consumers.
This is why we have been gaining trust from our consumers.

Belief, Trustworthy, and Technology
To provide trustworthy products to consumers, it is important to have
the right beliefs which leads to good technology and good products.
Huangjisoo does not use harmful ingredients or experiment with animals.
All products are made from organic & natural ingredients.



    Continuous Testing and Passion
    Continuously experimenting and testing
    in order to create the best recipe. Huangjisoo’s passion to create the best products leads to creating a delicate perfection out of their products.



      Huangjisoo is not afraid of to take risks.
      By continuously challenging ourselves,
      we are able to bring out the best
      in our products.