What is "Vegan"

The dictionary meaning of Vegan is strict vegetarians who don’t eat meat, milk, or eggs. This means people who practice Veganism.
But Vegan is not just a word for eating food. There are people in the world who apply Vegan to cosmetics like 'Huangjisoo'
'Vegan Cosmetics' means 0% chemical ingredient and does not experiment with animals in the process of developing the product.
As we all know, there is a growing interest in ethical consumption, including health, environment, and symbiosis. Huangjisoo was one step ahead of this issue.

about the charm of Vegan Cosmetics

vegan2A. strict craftsmanship
Vegan cosmetics are more difficult to produce and manufacture than general cosmetics because the ingredients that make Vegan cosmetic are natural ingredients such as vegetable raw materials. The natural ingredients that are pure from nature are difficult and difficult to manage due to temperature and humidity.
In addition, 'fair trade' should secure and use only high quality raw materials. It is natural that the safety of Vegan cosmetic, which was born after the efforts to maintain the entire process steadily and to be less affected by the surrounding environment, is guaranteed.

B. e certified
The criteria for judging Vegan are available by checking the certification mark.
Vegan Society does not have any animal components, does not cause any cross contamination when producing the product, and selects products that do not use genetically modified ingredients to give certification marks.
This is true of Huangjisoo's products.

C.ongruent to Vegan policy
Huangjisoo's Vegan Cosmetics is altruistic.
Vegan Cosmetic thinks of people, the environment, and animals. Maybe you also heard or saw it. The sea turtle, which lives in the sea, had plastic straw stuck in its nose and suffered. The video clip recorded 30 million views on YouTube.
Huangjisoo thinks that no creature should be sacrificed for the convenience of human beings. I would like to fill our thoughts and hopes in all of Huangjisoo's products, opposed to the selfish and cruel "animal experiment" that is being implemented to complete products with fewer side effects to humans.
We don’t force you to change your tastes. Vegan can naturally permeate your daily routine. Start. Even if it is a small part, try a small Vegan from your bathroom. Huangjisoo It is your ethical consumption.

We do not force you to say, 'Please love and love all the small, cute, family animals of the world.'
It may be irresponsible, but it is your choice.
Well, let me guess, Some people may be allergic to animals! Or trauma to animals.
But most of them just have their own reasons. They try to keep their physical distance from animals for their own reasons.
They didn't want to solve the problem by damaging animals. Normal people will try to symbiosis.
But one thing is clear: “What should not be done” and “What should be done” must be distinguished;
Vegan is our ethical responsibility and mission. I will not force you to do our duty.
Your choice is yours.