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We only use pure natural ingredients

without harmful ingredients.

If you think about my skin,

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Korea beauty face mask sheet

for sensitive skin

#Cruelty Free #Chemical Free

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Red Fruits Brightening Mask

Brightening + Tone-up + vitality :: Clear Swiss nature's pristine red jewel acerola and red love apple both help make the dull and uneven skin tone look brighter.

it's non-comedogenic-formula. It doesn't block the pores and doesn't cause trouble.

Huangjisoo cosmetics acquired EWG certification.

To qualify for EWG VERIFIED ™ certification,

You must not include the ingredients listed in the EWG prohibition,  restrictions on the product,

And you may not use even any green grade ingredients that are potentially hazardous.

All natural face wash

#Facial cleanser #Deep cleansing

Editor's pick! pick!

Pure Daily Foaming Cleanser Mini Gift Set

Pure Daily Foaming Cleanser is a total of five different types. Depending on different skin conditions and moods can be selected.

30ML Small size is easy to store and carry, and is also suitable for a gift or travel. It is also suitable for experience because you can try all five of them in small size.

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